Sally Laura Jackson
Catherine keener Sally Jackson6
Sally Jackson
Daughter of Isis
Legacy of Thoth
Leader of the Isis-Line
Member of the Royal Council
Vital Statistics
Gender female
Family Persia Jackson(daughter)
Paul Blofis(second huband)
Gabe Ugliano(first husband)
Jim Jackson(father)
Laura Jackson(birth-mother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue ton Green depending on mood
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'8
Affiliation Ahm Shere
Weapons Magic (Only on Egyptian Territory)
Species Demigod (Egyptian)
Home New York
Ahm Shere
Greek/Roman form None
Appearances The Lightning Thief
The Sea of Monsters
The Titan's Curse
The Battle of the Labyrinth
The Last Olympian
Egyptian Dreams
Actor Catherine Keener
Quests None as of yet
"...To check if I'm mistaken or not. They were... Paul and I had been thinking about having a baby. We wanted to talk about it with you at first, but I had already bought the tests." - Sally Jackson to Persia in "Museum and Leaving".

Sally Jackson (* 24. April 1972) is the mother of Persia Jackson and the former lover of Poseidon. Unknown to the Greek god, she is a daughter of Isis and a granddaughter of Thoth. While she was born in the US and never really left, she comunicated with her mother throught magical Comunication Mirrors.

While she was pregnant she had a horrible nightmare of her baby (in her dream a teenager) being dragged in an alley way and horribly raped. It stayed on her mind for the reminder of her pregnancy and when Poseidon contacted her through Iris-Messaging she hadn't thought and told him: "It's a boy. Perseus Jackson."

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