Welcome to the World of Gods.Edit

"Welcome, dear Traveler! As I see you have found the Secret Library. I am Suzaku, Keeper of Knowledge of this world, and I will guide you through this place.

Have you ever heard of "Percy Jackson"? Oh, of course you have! You wouldn't be here if you hadn't! You see, dear traveler, that there are some things, that have been hidden in the shadows and now start to unfold.

Here you will learn of those secrets."

What is "Egyptian Life"?Edit

"Now, dear Traveler, "Egyptian Life" is the life of one, Persia Jackson. I have long searched for this information and now I can present you this compendium, where you can read all about our young heroine and her adventures.

Though I will have to apologize, that I will have to translate the Egyptian texts and can not give you all information at once. You will have to wait a bit, or maybe, if you are aware of part of this world, that you can contribute to the compendium.

Though I have to warn you, that this library contanes information, that has not yet come to happen. Please keep that in mind, when you read here."

Latest activityEdit

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